Hudson Velo at the Finish of VeloSano 2.0

Hudson Velo at the Finish of VeloSano 2.0

Monday, September 26, 2011

34 mile ride to the east

Looking for a good route to go east and north of the square but not all the way to Chagrin Falls?
This may be your route listed below. 8 of us did the ride on Sunday and there are no major hills, just rolling hills and lots of smooth roads.

Leg (miles) Total (miles) Directions
0.08 0.08 Turn right onto Clinton St
0.08 0.16 Turn right onto Darrow Rd/N Main St
0.01 0.18 Take the 1st left onto Aurora St
0.96 1.14 Continue onto Hudson Aurora Rd
2.12 3.26 Continue onto Aurora Hudson Rd
0.91 4.17 Turn left onto Aurora Hudson Rd/Hudson Aurora Rd
0.4 4.57 Turn right onto Aurora Hudson Rd
2.04 6.6 Turn right onto W Mennonite Rd
0.58 7.18 Take the 3rd left onto S Parkview Dr
0.01 7.19 Turn left onto W Mennonite Rd
0.24 7.43 Turn right onto S Chillicothe Rd
0.03 7.46 Take the 1st left onto E Mennonite Rd
3.18 10.64 Turn left onto Chamberlain Rd
4.46 15.1 Continue onto Co Rd 32/Munn Rd
2.1 17.2 Turn left onto Taylor May Rd
2.65 19.84 Turn left onto Haskins Rd/Trail 191Continue to follow Haskins Rd
1.52 21.37 Continue onto Eggleston Rd
2.09 23.46 Turn right onto E Garfield Rd
0.46 23.92 Turn left onto New Hudson Rd
0.58 24.5 Take the 3rd right onto E Pioneer Trail
0.38 24.88 Keep left at the fork
0.11 24.99 Turn left onto S Chillicothe Rd
0.35 25.34 Turn right onto Aurora Hudson Rd
1.63 26.97 Turn right onto Old Mill Rd
2.48 29.45 Turn left onto Stow Rd
1.06 30.51 Take the 1st right onto Middleton Rd
1.53 32.04 Take the 1st left onto Darrow Rd
1.89 33.93 Take the 2nd right onto Clinton St
0.14 34.06 Turn left onto Library St

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