Hudson Velo at the Finish of VeloSano 2.0

Hudson Velo at the Finish of VeloSano 2.0

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why we should ride further left than our instincts tell is safer! Click on the link for a great tutorial in taking the lane.

This was posted on the Akron Bicycle Club's Yahoo group and I borrow it here because it is so good:

Click here to view it!

Best info graphic I've seen on the subject of taking-the-lane / lane control.

Taking the lane is such an important concept it diserves it's own website.

The key point is that when you squeeze over to the shoulder, which ironically people do because they're intimidated by traffic... then you actually invite traffic into your space by giving them space to "squeeze by"... which is exactly the sort of thing that is dangerous and intimidating for you the cyclist anyway. It's a form of self-fulfilling prophecy. The way to be safe is to be bold when necessary and anticipate when there is not room for you and a car to pass safely and then take the lane proactively to prevent drivers from attempting to take it from you. Of course there's a fine line between being bold and just blocking traffic or being dangerous. A fine line indeed.

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