Hudson Velo at the Finish of VeloSano 2.0

Hudson Velo at the Finish of VeloSano 2.0

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Colors greet 12 riders in perfect weather

While the temps may have started around 49 degrees this morning, it did not take long for the group of 12 to warm up and enjoy a great trip around the Brecksville reservation amongst the fall colors. We had a brief delay as we negotiated with the National Park Ranger to let us cross the tow path marathon route. Once we convinced her that we were pedestrians when we dismounted our bikes, we prevailed. Our riders in the photo left to right are: Heather, Toby, Scott, Dave, Bob, Chuck, Trey, John, John, Mike and Steve. I was the photographer in this case, Michael.

While the original route laid out a 70 mile loop, we decided by consent to halve it and had a very casual 35 miles or so upon our return to Caribou via the bike & hike trail.

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